to : Mr. 하이드 regarding general MacArthur

U.S. created psycho monster racist warmongering militaristic national cult kingdom called Japan who attacked Pearl Harbor. U.S. created psycho monster warmongering Japan by letting it accumulate enough strength to attack U.S.
Because U.S. acknowledged the warmongering Japs right to colonize Korean peninsula in exchange for the Japs acknowledgment for U.S.’ right to colonize the Philippines, the warmongering Japs were able to accumulate enough strength to attack U.S. by exploiting(robbing) Koreans and natural resources in Korean Peninsula. And after U.S. defeated the Japs, U.S. failed to properly and justly punish the Japanese war criminals.

And allowing the Japanese war criminals to get away with their war crime even upseted U.S. soldiers who had been POW. U.S. also failed to properly and justly punish the psycho cult kingdom Japan collaborators in Korea (this is in contrast to the punishment for Nazi and Nazi collaborators) And In 5 years period between 1945 and 1950, U.S. also failed to (or did not) provide armament needed to defend against Soviet arms assisted North Korea, allowing North Korea’s invasion and ‘passively’ and ‘lazily’ causing several million Korean deaths and several tens of thousands U.S. soldiers’ deaths (even ‘actively’ causing Korean deaths by instructing soldiers to shoot civilian refugees with no regard for whether someone is old person, child, woman) (refugee killing has been testified by a Canadian Korean War film Canadian veterans’ testimonies)(My estimate is that there are other testimonies all over the world)

Mr. 하이드 do you sincerely believe what you are saying about how general MacArthur is a hero to Korean people? (Only a hero?) (Isn’t there any fault or mistake you can see that general MacArthur and/or U.S. have made?) Mr. 하이드 you say that if Korea wants U.S. help, Korea should point out specifically or definitively who is/are Korea’s enemy/enemies. Well, the best win is win without having a war,and the best win is also win-win since win-win seeks peaceful way.(not referring to engaging and winning two wars concurrently)(win for the two sides) I am sure Korea wants to achieve win-win either with U.S. or with North Korea.

If U.S. would like not to refrain from starting another war in Korea, then My guess is that Korean people would rather like to see U.S. military withdrawal entirely.(and that is worrisome concern for possible another war in Korean peninsula, not anti-americanism)