Not knowing is a sin or a bliss?

Why do you think British Royal carriage was waiting on our president Rho and escorting him through London street when he was visiting England? This was considered to be an exceptionally dignified reception. (It is well known fact that they turned their nose away and did not even receivePerons, president ofArgentina long ago).It was also British journalism, 40 years ago, which depicted our prime minister Zhang as ‘a rose bloom premature in the middle of garbage’.

What a pity that it is always foreign journalism reporting truth about what’s going on in our own country while we are forced to play a fool of ourselves. We have two parallel sayings in Korea; ‘Ignorance is a sin’ or ‘ Not knowing is a bliss’. Which do you think fit better?It is nothing but the truth that Korean journalism & news-media has gone bad, and it is a good news that many of us are opening our eyes; however, is there going to be any good coming out of it in the end?I surely hope so.